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FRUK magazine: Say Goodbye to Sparse Brows and Lashes with the AQ Lash System

Put an end to sparse eyebrows and eyelashes that barely fit through your eyelash curler, with the highly regarded AQ Lash – Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancement System. There’s no need to repeatedly visit the beauticians for costly eyebrow and lash treatments. There’s a reason AQ Skin Solutions is a multi-award-winning brand. We tried the AQ Lash System and we’re hooked! Lash’s safe and natural serum has been specifically formulated to ensure effective restoration of your eyebrows and eyelashes by encouraging production of the hair matrix. By regularly applying this treatment, Lash can aid in achieving fuller, longer and stronger lashes and brows, whilst diminishing the chance of breakage that you might otherwise discover with alternative lash enhancing products (of which often contain harsh chemicals). What Makes AQ Lash Special? 

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