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AQ GFIT Home Treatment Bundle

AQ GFIT Home Treatment Bundle

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Your bundle contains all the items you will need to do an at home GFIT treatment.

*This contains enough to do up to three treatments*

Items sold separately worth £173.98

Containing our at-home micro-needling GFIT stamp- This device is to gently and painlessly open tiny channels in the epidermis to take our AQ active serum into your dermis layer to help treat general ageing, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, scarring, acne and more. The device also has the added benefit of red light therapy on its outer edges and slight vibration to help the process (2x AA batteries needed for the vibration and light to work).

X4 Sachets of AQ Active Serum- Active serum is our top selling product and the first product launched by AQ, this contains specific skin enabling growth factors and proteins to help achieve a smooth, even and tightened appearance, along with healthier more regenerated skin.

1x box of 5 Intensive moisture repair face masks- Our masks are the epitome of luxury, being drenched in moisture-boosting ingredients along with the added benefit of our AQ growth factors, these are perfect to use after the treatment or to save for another day in between treatment you’re doing on yourself at home.

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